Date: 01.03.09

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  7. - tbarrett tbarrett can only stay for 25 mins
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  1. - HPSManager HPSManager Louise J Sorry guys, have some prep to do for training course in the morning.
  2. - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw Migraine this morning. Feel well below par. My apologies. :-(
  3. - sinclairmackenzie sinclairmackenzie report writing, will try to join in later

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  1. ETRU TV?!


  1. A return to the show style?
  2. Is there a way to pipe pre-recorded video etc into the podcast for interviews etc? (do you mean (a) separate audio from video or (b) have a vodcast instead? - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw)
  3. Does educational technology strengthen subject areas or promote their breakdown? - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw
  4. What is the semantic web and how can we start using its benefits now? - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw
5. Open Sim cheaper and more accessible than Second Life - Open Source Second Life - - leoncych leoncych
6.Digital Britain Report- now there is the Fake Digital Britain Report - feedback before the deadline on both? I challenged Lord Carter at the NESTA meeting earlier in the week about Lock down here - 2nd question. The response was interesting...

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I missed the meeting but question from Doug re ed tech strengthening or promoting breakdown of subject areas is interesting - did it get addressed? Will anyone be blogging on it? If not, I'll raise my hand and put it on my blog to-do soon as I start a new blog - later this week. Melissa Techman Twitter: @mtechman