01/08/2010 (August already people! You can't be serious)

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- daibarnes daibarnes
- DeputyMitchell DeputyMitchell
- psbenson psbenson
- kvnmcl kvnmcl
Sally Thorne
- chrismayoh chrismayoh
- squiggle7 squiggle7

- misetak misetak Sorry - off to teach teachers to play with robots in Cairo.
- darrenmurphy darrenmurphy Sorry flying down to Oz at the moment for Summer hols. Well done to GTAUK attendees.
David Rogers - Planning a camping trip and dealing with a poorly boy.
- dajbelshaw dajbelshaw *So* tired after a manic couple of weeks including a couple of trips to the hospital, three presentations, #GTAUK and now the in-laws are here. Sorry.
- grumbledook grumbledook Sherlock Homes ...
- dughall dughall Sorry folks. Only just back from week's hols.
- jamesmichie jamesmichie Apologies - working on blog stuff.

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GATUK: where to start? A couple of ETRU regulars attended GTAUK:10 this week. Feedback. Highlights. Next steps? - daibarnes daibarnesgctbadge5-20-10.png

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