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Actions from PREVIOUS Meeting:

  • New site.
  • ETR3 audio recorded and edited. Available via Windows Live Skydrive here. Kristian is preparing the show notes for the blog! :-)


  • Google answers - to be posted when new is up and running (usernames and passwords?)
ETR 3 is edited and needs to be branded.
Doug to grab the branding.
  • Publicise 15 days of Google answers on own blogs, Twitter.
  • Jingles - ideas to collect more sound clips for shows

  • Add to pic and details.

  • Google Apps for up-and-running. How are we going to use it?
Use of Google Apps - eg
Login as edtech user -

Actions for NEXT Meeting:

Lisa to sing introduction

Further Contributors or Thoughts

Can Joe Dale get an audio intro
A show to look at filtering
A show to look at RSS feeds