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Delicious Subscriptions. To organise the bookmarks properly it would be good to subscribe to regular attendees tags. For example, we can bundle a set of subscriptions for key tags like IWB, promethean, smartboard and every time the individual user adds a bookmark to their collection it will automatically update into the edtechroundup links. Each one has to be set up and subscribed to but once done it should create a wealth of links in specific areas focussed on particular tags. - daibarnes daibarnes
Our delicious account is
Email directly to Dai - [[]]

Any marvellous examples of use of audio / podcasting / Voicethread etc for linking schools? Doing a presentation in Madrid and collecting ideas!! - lisibo lisibo
Lisa's speaking at a bilateral meeting of English and Spanish teachers looking for partners on Voicethread and Voki and Audacity / Podcasting - met lots of people online already via NING. ideas offered re use of audio - John Johnston and Sandaig Primary, Mark Pentleton, Dan suggested satrting a Voicethread for everyone to comment on. Suggested looking back at previous ETR podcast on audio.
Lisa will report back next week!

If time allows and if other ETR folks are interested; I'd be interested hearing your thoughts on digital video (online / and making) in schools - especially what you think is the ideal video content for schools - the way forward with user generated video. animations etc. I will take ideas forward to our pedagogical meeting in Brussels for the EduTube Plus video portal EU countries (27 months to launch). Your ideas are vital in helping shape the final outcoem of the service.
- theok theok
50,000 video clips provided by content providers in France, italy, Spain, Uk - at meeting, Theo will be giving ideas to content providers as to how they can use them. eg what elements are important to you? how to split clips up? etc Hopefully launched in 27 months. Still in planning.
Issues to raise -

  • search element - important to be able to find things quickly and easily
  • being useable - downloadable in different formats - and easily!
  • being able to index videos - ability to jump to the important bit
  • small clips that could be used in wiki etc
  • if longer, need to be chapterised
  • ability to link a file to the clip
  • avoidance of unsuitable links at the end
  • able to find items specific to parts of curriculum (Theo explained about there being a variety of work packages involved in this project, one being to sort out the metadata to match to NC, age, etc)
  • speed of video - Teachertube is very slow
  • quality of video - professional stuff would be good! (although Theo mentioned some research about pupils liking the videos done by their peers!)

Theo mentioned Veotag as being a way of chapterise videos.
Ian mentioned Clickview

Paid / unpaid? Joe suggested should be free as lots of schools have no money! Dan suggested that perhaps a small charge would be OK dependent on what it is!!
Remix and download or just stream media? Good to have a bit of both - would be good to have the option!

Theo taking our opinions to EduTubes group!!

Woices, MapSkip, Google Earth and all things geo-fictional.- tbarrett tbarrett
Woices allows you to record audio on a map - locational based geotagged. Tom's class are going to write using path tool in Google Earth - any thoughts about using maps in literacy? Combining images, writing and sound in a map. Theo commented 'Had a quick look at Woices Tom - potential is enormous - because the children are building the knowledge - its open but has a clear purpose ' Good for MFL?
Dan was at Be very afraid with Stephen Heppel where a priamry school did a topic about local area using Google earth, and also a school that did work with GPS and autistic pupils in a sort of mathematical way to create shapes when the places were linked. Videos be here very soon! - Joe shared this - a way in whcih you can interact with your environment using GPS. - Tom shared an image about writing on location
Jo R-J suggested this would be good to use in MFL esp in light of new KS3 curriculum
Tom's class going to be working on James' escape from Aunts n James and the Giant Peach - wow!!
Pupils' accounts - individual or group? Tom uses single login / user ID as easier!! another example of journey from a book.
Dai suggested would be good to see the journey of such a topic / unit so people can see whether project turned out the way it was planned etc - would be great to video such a thing! Process is really important.

TweetMeet Nottingham early December? - tbarrett tbarrett
Doug has domain for this -
Would people be up for this?? Lisa and Jose up for it as live nearby!! Dan said Londoners not good at travelling... ;o) Need a date...

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