Date: 03-02-08


- johnjohnston johnjohnston
- tbarrett tbarrett Feb 3, 2008
- istuart istuart
- DavidNoble DavidNoble
- lisibo lisibo
- sinclairmackenzie sinclairmackenzie
- nwinton nwinton
- marycooch marycooch


Actions from PREVIOUS Meeting:

  • All members to email David Noble re: ed admin account for FM.
  • All members to listen to 1st draft of ETR#2 if possible.
  • Investigate and setup alternative meeting tool as a backup for next Sunday's meeting.
  • DN to add in available links to wiki for replays of past meetings.
  • New members to catch up as much as possible - feel free to contact any other members with questions you have.
  • TB to contact Laura Scott @Google re: finalising details of interview.
  • ETR #2 to be re-edited and released when ready.


  • Update Rota page on wiki
  • Feedback on updated ETR#
  • Explore main reason/s for attracting funding (DN plans to work on general funding proposal over next month) - pay for advertising, alt. web, conferencing, presence at education shows/trade fairs, approach mgt in our schools for support

Actions for NEXT Meeting:

  • Webdav
  • On Deck -
  • Speak with John Warwick about FlashMeeting problems
  • If problems persist, look into alternative times (Tuesday 8-9pm)/web conferencing providers (Google Talk, Yackpack)
  • ETR#2 to go on blog

Further Contributors or Thoughts

      • Is this something we should consider: "While the group is small, maybe a new member could be assigned a "buddy" to guide them through some of the key ideas?" Paul Williams from Skype chat.