Date: 3rd October 2010

ETRU Weekly #85 -


- grumbledook grumbledook - paperwork for meetings needs doing, and podcasts to be published.
- daibarnes daibarnes Presenting at St Mary's university on Saturday for my masters - have to get the preso done and my eldest packed for uni.

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Agenda:some ideas for possible discussion below darrenurphy
1:1 in Schools, Is 1:1 the best way foward? Best School laptops, Dell, Lenovo or Other. Wireless install recommendations. Best larger laser printers and best personal/Desktop laser printers. Print monitoring software in schools. iPads in classrooms.
Internet speeds in Schools, BT Infinity Fiber Roll out, any takers?
What is Contention ratio?
$35 tablet of the future
ICT Lab control software, recommendations?
Android App Maker, a classroom tool?
Shutdown Timer
IT SLA's in schools

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