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Date: 4 January 2009


- dajbelshaw dajbelshaw
- lisibo lisibo
- marycooch marycooch
- mggale mggale
David Noble
Nick Dennis
- sinclairmackenzie sinclairmackenzie
Joe Dale
Neil Winton
Daniel Needlestone

- robthill robthill please accept my apologies for this and the next two meetings.
- theok theok just back from the New Year in Scotland, meeting friends tonight, it all starts in earnest tomorrow.
- daibarnes daibarnes meeting old students for postponed Christmas drink.
- joecar joecar Have a good one I am doing some homework before back to work tomorrow

Actions from PREVIOUS Meeting:


  • Daniel Needlestone - INSET at his school - Introduction to eLearning , an hour in which he will be introducing staff to VLE ie Moodle, then an hour of Teachmeet-like sharing of exciting stuff they've done in school, not all technology based. Others have prepared online presentations inc Moodlefairy. Also hoping to run a Flashmeeting but may be blocked! Dan explained the concept of the unconference - informal, practical, short presentations! Neil shared about training within his school; Doug said more about his eLearning tutor role. Mary is off Moodle training too.
  • discussion of GLOW - and how Pathfinder was a forerunner of GLOW to link all Scottish schools to Janet project. Not everyone on board yet for a variety of reasons including remoteness and oversight (eg looked after / vulnerable children)
  • DavidNoble
    If the group (or a sub-group) are happy to, spend some time working on existing or new page at What do we see as education being like in 2020? Not where should it be, but what realistic target can we set, how can we reach it, how does it fit into research, society, government etc? Not just technology but education. Doug raised issues of getting out of school - Sinclair is having a terrible time trying to get out to speak at a regional conference at which he's been asked to speak. mggale suggested looking at Suggestions included moving away from textbooks, paper and working online.
  • Are we happy with the way things are? Do we still want to be known as 'EdTechRoundup'? (domain name expires in c.50 days). Are we happy with the tools we're using? (Wordpress, Wikispaces, Delicious/Diigo) - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw
  • Online CVs: David Noble and myself have been experimenting with them. Are they necessary for teachers (students?). What should go on them? (this resource may be helpful) - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw
  • Feedback from Tom Barrett r.e. Australia trip? - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw
  • Any cool Edtech-related Christmas presents received? - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw PSP, Dell Netbooks (although disappointed with screen resolution), FlipVideo (Disgo is similar), Nike+, Samsung USB microphone, headphones, Farfinder, Mahara, Picnik,
  • New Year Edtech-related resolutions? - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw

Actions for NEXT Meeting:

Feedback from Tom Barrett r.e. Australia trip? - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw
Lisa to try FlipVideo in low light conditions and report back! - example of video here

Further Contributors or Thoughts

amusing tales of technological disasters!!

Joe wants to move wma files onto MSiWind - how? Doug suggests using Rockbox( Linux based for the iPod)if you don't want to convert them all, or Neil suggested using iTunes.

external image moz-screenshot.jpgThis is really useful forum for school , college , HEI and workbased ed tech folks do you want to promote Edtech Round Up any more
though ALT , JISC - relevant School , College networks - if we are really going to move this on has to be cross sectoral
Joe Wilson for many practitioners just experience of connecting to conferencing software from home will give them a buzz and taste of what is coming.