ETRU Weekly #64

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Depending on numbers, we may move this agenda to next week whilst those that gather have a chat but not for publishing.

- daibarnes daibarnes
- nickdennis nickdennis
- dughall dughall Will do me best.
- KristianStill KristianStill Apr 4, 2010
- mrstacey mrstacey
- robthill robthill

- misetak misetak Away celebrating Easter with family. Hope you don't have too many virtual Easter eggs without me. :o)
- theokk theokk as above: celebrating Easter with family - disappointed to be missing this (and wondering if there is a case for discussing avoiding ETRUs on festivals, celebrations and public hols? interested in others thoughts)
- grumbledook grumbledook Unlikely to make it as visiting family for the weekend.
- dajbelshaw dajbelshaw My broadband woes should be sorted by tomorrow, hopefully!

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I set up a Doodle for those interested in going into Second Life on the 11th and 18th April here >
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1:1 computers in schools. Netbooks and handhelds and WiFi.

Facebook presence for schools

Customisable browser for pupils and teachers? Simple answer... Firefox portable apps saved to home drive on the network. Why? Users will then be able to remember passwords and add-ons etc enabling productive use of web browser no matter which machine they are using. If user has remote access to files and folders will be able to use it at home too, but with add-ons like xmarks everything will sync anyway. Anyone tell me why this might no work? - daibarnes daibarnes

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