Date: 5 April 2009

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  1. - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw
  2. - grumbledook grumbledook
  3. - robthill robthill
  4. - daibarnes daibarnes
  5. - HPSManager HPSManager Louise J
  6. - marycooch marycooch nothing to say but chatting in the back channel as usual :)
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  11. - KristianStill KristianStill Apr 5, 2009

1. - mrstacey mrstacey - We've got friends over, although I will try and pop in towards the end if I can!
2. - theok theok son down from Wick
3. - markclarkson markclarkson Spending the Sunday night kids' routine without clockwatching :-) May pop in later
4. - johnmayo johnmayo Some thing has come up wont be online at the time also can we remove my Wordpress item on the Agenda for another evening mrstacey it is Republic of Ireland not Scotland will try and catch the last 30 mins sorry Doug

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Thanks to Sinclair for capturing audio from last weeks meeting.


  • Data management systems in schools (SIMS, Serco, etc.) - what are the different options, and what are the advantages/disadvantages of each? - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw
  • rolling out Wordpress for schools at a national level. Discuss !- johnmayo johnmayo
    • In case I don't make it to the meeting - Why? What would the benefit be of doing it at this scale? For me having it as part of the 'school' identity adds value that a national portal wouldn't have. Who? BECTA? Doesn't seem to be their role. GIven the apparent move towards forcing English schools towards regional commercial solutions as part of BSF (?) I just don't see this working. The only place maybe it could would be in Scotland. - mrstacey mrstacey
  • Future EdtechRoundup Special on VLEs
    • I had hoped to put some more stuff together on this by now, but I will try to over the week. Basically I'm picking up an increasing questioning of the existing VLE role out models both in people I speak to and on blogs. It might be useful if any special covered:
      • What is a VLE? (and what are schools using them for and why all the fuss)
      • What are the options for schools? Pros and Cons (certainly touch on Moodle, Frog and Kaleidos
      • How are schools and teachers using them for good effect
      • How do you get VLE use rolled out across a school
    • Beside the regulars in would be worth getting Andrew Field and Ian Usher in.
    • I'm away for the next few weeks, but maybe late April / Eary May. Do we want to do the 'bring a friend' one first?
      - mrstacey mrstacey
    • - daibarnes daibarnes

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Would anyone mind if i tidied up the wiki this week? - mrstacey mrstacey No - Go for it (LouiseJ)