Date: 5 July 2009

ETRU Weekly #34


  1. - robthill robthill for part of the time
  2. - johnmayo johnmayo
  3. - markclarkson markclarkson Arrived late and left early

  1. - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw - I do apologise for the number of meetings I've missed recently and will miss until the end of term. Travel, family and (this weekend) conference commitments are dictating my time at the moment! Please see the agenda items I've added below as they need to be addressed. :-)
  2. - robthill robthill on holiday for next three meetings

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  1. I need some help getting the podcasts out as we're currently about 5 podcasts behind. I created a guide (here) to how to take the raw audio and make it into an ETRU podcast. A couple of people said they would take one on - perhaps allocate Number 29 up to this one? - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw
  2. Are we going to have a summer break? If so when from and when 'til? I seem to remember we had one last year? - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw
  3. Educational conferences this week a summary
  4. Wallwisher & webnote
  5. Teacher holidays
  6. Teacher TV
  7. Student Panels

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