Date: 19 September 2010

ETRU Weekly 83:


  • - dajbelshaw dajbelshaw Need to spend time with my wife after she's been away all weekend (and I'm knackered after looking after 3 year old!)
  • - nickdennis nickdennis Living the dream this evening. ;)
  • - daibarnes daibarnes I have a bad cold. Will be patching myself up ready for work tomorrow.
  • - dughall dughall My boy's 8th birthday today. Sorry folks. Pretty exhausted.
  • - gideonwilliams gideonwilliams "Do you think you could spend one night away from that computer and help sort out Jamie's birthday?"

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1) How should we deliver ICT @ KS3? Embedded across the curriculum or as a discrete subject? What do other schools do & why? Blog post (IaninSheffield) - IaninSheffield IaninSheffield
2) Etherpad collaborations adn development news
3) Giving students cameras to log where they learn.- IaninSheffield IaninSheffield
4) What apps should I put on my wildfire when it arrives this week? (only here as there is nothing else on the agenda!)

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