Date: Sunday 28th September 8.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. GMT

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Items not covered last week:

  • Discussion of tech support / ICT services and implications for - Dai (the second generation digital migrants are here) Dai ran through set up at his school - has a USB memory stick that is a security device; can't access without it! So if it breaks, you can't teach. Issues of technical support being 9-5 - what happens if out of hours? If you forget it, tough! Dai can't setup software etc in his school on his own laptop! There seems to be lots of 'no's! 2nd generation digital migrants want t be able to experiment and have access to things, be trusted! Jo R-J has one in Hants - misses being 'maverick' in her small school now works for LA. Accessibility vs lockdown. Steve suggested investigating Securus and Policy Central as way of monitoring but not locking down. Sinclair has a laptop that can only be used at school when plugged into school network. Also raised issues of taking laptops home. Are we mistrusted as teaching professionals? Twitter being blocked in schools is an issue for many. José works in independent sector so not under LA control. Was strict blocking policy and had to email every time for things to be unfiltered, as a kneejerk reaction to an incident. Students are now filtered but staff aren't; next step is for staff to be allowed to use laptops at home under Securus. Simon made a good point - we need to keep up the pressure - if you don't ask, you won't get! Louise has had problems with the unblocking of Wikispaces - classed as social networking so actually breaking acceptable use policy to unblock! Is the problem in schools that SMT don't understand ICT?? It's important to stay on good terms with network manager! José mentioned problems with the installation of OpenSource software. - reluctance to add as pupils might abuse hard disk space.

  • Topic for focussed ETRU, suggestions since the last meeting please! Discussed ideas - chocolate (!); developing policy and practice to support learning in schools, how to engage Network Managers etc, - would this overlap with Davd and Krysia's upcoming podcast?; audio tools (Voicethread, Voki, audacity, podcasting...) decided on TOOLS FOR AUDIO decided for 5th October - Joe, José, John, David, invite Mark Pentleton, suggestion of David Baugh,

New items

  • SLF / Teachmeet catch up! (All that were there) Louise shared Fiona Heslop's speech - 3/5 questions from bloggers!! Gives you more confidence! Lots crammed into two days. Next Teachmeet already in planning - in February in Gallashiels! Teachmeet as standup - good analogy? FM chat was great but couldn't see screen or hear properly what the speaker was saying. Tom shared too - amazing couple of days! Enjoyed his preso altho mind went rather balk when name came up (we didn't notice!!) John J has learned that the conversations between seminars are actually as good if not better than the seminars!

  • ICT clean slate - what would you offer for a 1/2 day INSET (priorities, differentiation, etc.) - sinclairmackenzie sinclairmackenzie on committee - at upcoming INSET has 1/2 day for people on ICT committee to run Internet buffet style training - what would you do? Blogging? audio? wikis? youtube in classroom? Twitter? for those beyond IWB and email! - ideas Dai suggested NING or Twitter - 'teach the teacher to fish!' and shared Which platform for blogging? Blogger?Typepad? Edublogs? NING? (a baby blog platform) Microblogging-using Twitter as a blog - less time consuming; also using Posterous, Edmodo, Yammer. Steve suggested you should think of a topic first and then look at what tools you can use to support/deliver don't lead with the tools -eg collaboration is a great topic - that could include twitter, delicious, wiki and blogs.

Actions for NEXT Meeting:

  • Invite people who have an interest in or something interesting to say baout Audio
  • Think about what you'd like to say in FM!!
  • get URLS ready to share!

Further Contributors or Thoughts:

Edonis project - - David Noble's doctorate project NING - join up!!