At our weekly EdTechRoundUp meetings we often discuss ideas, opinions and case studies from books we've recently read. A few of us thought it would be a great idea to facilitate an informal book swap. This page exists for that purpose.

What type of books are we sharing? Mainly things to do with education, technology and leadership as these are the things we tend to talk about at ETRU. :-)

How to take part

It's very easy:
  • If you've got a book you're willing to share, then add it to the list below 'Books available' (taking heed of the guidance given).
  • If you see a book you'd like to borrow, then get in touch with the person who's got it. They will send it to you and then remove it from the list.

How long you keep it - and, indeed, if you're required to give it back is at the discretion of the current owner of the book.

Short link for this page:

Books available

Please keep books in alphabetical order by author's surname. Use the following format: Author, Title (current owner). Add an Amazon (affiliate?) link to the title and some kind of contact link to your name (e.g. Twitter)!

Goleman, D., The New Leaders: transforming the art of leadership into the science of results (Doug Belshaw: @dajbelshaw )

Brighouse, H., On Education (Thinking in Action Series) (Julian Prior, Twitter: jpodcaster )

Coe, S., The Winning Mind: My Inside Track on Great Leadership: Developing Inspirational Leadership and Delivering Winning Results

Collins, J et. al., Teaching and Learning with Multimedia (Julian Prior, Twitter: jpodcaster )

Cunningham, U., and Andersson, S Teachers, Pupils and the Internet (Julian Prior, Twitter: jpodcaster )

Fried, J. & Heinemaeier Hansson, D., //ReWork: change the way you work forever// (Doug Belshaw: @dajbelshaw )

Graham, G., The Internet: A Philosophical Inquiry (Julian Prior, Twitter: jpodcaster )

Moon, Y., Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd (Paddy McGrath: paddymcgrath)

Richardson, Will Blogs, Wikis Podcasts and Other Powerful Tools for Classrooms (Zoe Ross )

Wheatley, Margeret J., Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World
Tony Sheppard