Google Questions

The EdTechRoundUp team have the opportunity to interview a member of the Google Education Apps team. We would love to hear what you would like to find out from them about the Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentation tools in the classroom. Future developments? Support for you? Fire away - we will try to ask as many as we can. Listen to the next ETR show for their response.
  • Do Google anticipate launching a UK Educators program as Google currently organise the US?- KristianStill KristianStill Jan 20, 2008
  • Will Google be incorporating Jot wikis into their Google Apps packages anytime soon?- MrBariexca MrBariexca
  • Why are there differences between iGoogle and the personalised front page?- mrstacey mrstacey
  • Are there plans to bring other Google services into the Apps for Education package (notebook would be particularly useful) - mrstacey mrstacey
  • Are you considering creating two tiers of user as quite a few schools have requested, one for students and one for teachers - mrstacey mrstacey
  • Why focus just on education, surely these online tools can be used in the charitable, youth-work, voluntary sectors? via Twitter @mediasnackers
  • I love Page Creator! Any chance on getting a table feature? (also, I'd like to work for Google! lol) - badger badger
  • Have you considered an option to mark text with a colour background or text colour to show which user contributed? For me, revving up the collaborative aspects of Google Apps is number one - far preferable to trying to match desktop software's functionality. - rmillwood rmillwood
  • Where do Google see education in 5 years time? What products do they predict will be important? - istuart istuart
  • Have the 'Google Apps Team' got plans to include Google Maps and Google Page Creator as part of the Google Apps package? (Richard Allaway via (Isn't GPC currently one components of Google Apps?)
  • What do Google Presentations offer that Slideshare, etc. does not? - mrbelshaw mrbelshaw
  • Is Google planning an official mashup creator for its products (along with others) similar to Microsoft's Popfly? - mrbelshaw mrbelshaw
  • As many of Google's products form the basics of a VLE, will Google be officially entering a targeted VLE solution over and above Google Apps for Educators? - mrbelshaw mrbelshaw
  • Will google add a mobile feature that does not need mobile web? Just Text messaging, Photo or Video options? (Liz Kolb to Doug Belshaw via Twitter)
  • How does Google Earth decide which areas are to have their imagery updated and the resolution improved? (And how often does this happen?) (Neil Winton via Edtechroundup Blog)
  • Why are google apps for students over 17/18 as per the sign up agreement--many useful features for younger
students? via Twitter @technolibrary
  • When will Google have their wiki (Jott) open? How will it integrate with the rest of the Gsuite? via Twitter @dkuropatwa
  • When will the Google Educator programme open in Canada? via Twitter @dkuropatwa
  • When will blogger have a subscribe by email to all comments for all commenters; not just blogger account holders? via Twitter @dkuropatwa
  • Will Google be hiring k-12 educators to help develop pedagogically sound practices and models of practice? I'd like to work with Joan ;-) - dkuropatwa
  • A recent BBC Panorama programme highlighted children’s lack of awareness regarding safe use of the internet. I have also found that school management are reluctant to give permission for online collaboration activities such as Google Apps or wikis. This was echoed in discussions over a recent GTCS consultation document. What actions are Google taking to allay the fears of parents and educators with respect to internet safety? - sinclairmackenzie sinclairmackenzie