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The essentials

  • Presentations will be streamed at Presenters will receive a link to the FlashMeeting beforehand.
  • Conversation and comment will be via Twitter by incorporating the hashtag #TMETRU09 on related tweets. You can follow what's going on via TwitterFall !

How to edit this page

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What is TeachMeet?

Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an online informal gathering of those curious about teaching and technology. Anyone can share great ideas they've trialled in their classrooms, ask important questions or simply sign up to take part in learning conversations.

When and Where?

Time: 7pm-9pm
Date: Sunday 6th December 2009.


Let's keep it all together and use the following tag for all posts, images, tweets and presentations to do with TeachMeet ETRU 09: #TMETRU09

What can you do?

You can come along to chat, meet new people, or give a seven minute talk or a two minute nano presentation.

Presentation Guidance

You can either
(a) Present live (via the FlashMeeting) on the night, or
(b) Pre-record your presentation as a video.
If you want to do (b) - most people are! - then please follow these steps:
  1. Create your video (you might want to use something like Jing to capture both your webcam and screen)
  2. Edit it so that it's either 7 minutes (micropresentations) or 2 minutes (nanopresentations) long. It can, of course, be shorter than this - but no longer!
  3. Upload it to a video sharing site (e.g. YouTube,, Vimeo), making sure you add the tag TMETRU09
  4. If you have a blog,* embed your video in a blog post and add relevant links to the post that you mention/are relevant to your presentation.
  5. Add a link to your blog post next to where you signed up to do a presentation (below).
  6. Add a link to your blog post in the TMETRU09 Diigo account (scroll to bottom of this page for details)
  7. Be in the FlashMeeting (link to be distributed) between 7pm and 9pm on Sunday 6th December.
*If you don't have a blog, just link directly to your video next to your name on the wiki and in the Diigo account!

Seven minute micropresentations

Add your name and what you may talk about below. YOUR TALK MUST BE ABOUT EXPERIENCES OF WORK IN CLASSROOMS. Don't bother if it is just about showcasing a product.
  1. Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw) - #movemeon & Twitter as a CPD resource
  2. Mark Clarkson (@mwclarkson) - Google Sketchup Across The Curriculum (Vimeo Link)
  3. Brad Ovenell-Carter (@braddo) - Students as Contributors: Lessons Learned While Implementing Alan November's 6 Jobs for Students
  4. Charles Fowler (@charleshfowler) - Final exams on laptops : if students have been on laptops all year, it seemed to make sense to stay there for the final assessment; I'll talk about hurdles we overcame and opportunities that opened up. Link to Prezi document .
  5. Dai Barnes (@daibarnes) Moodle database school photo competition
  6. Daniel Needlestone (@nstone) A few different ways staff and students are using our VLE - Link to blog post with presentation - Direct link to presentation
  7. Darren Murphy (@darrenmurphy) ePortfolios for Assessment and Learning
  8. Dughall McCormick (Twitter @dughall ) 'Teachmeet': This is not a 'course'. (Please contact me via Twitter if you would like to see my presentation).
  9. Lisa Stevens (@lisibo ) - using sound recording in the classroom (presenting LIVE!) link to blog post with references and examples.
  10. Tom Barrett (@tombarrett) - How to add an activity to Maths Maps
  11. Tony Sheppard (@grumbledook) - Innovation Management : not a contradiction in terms (Yes, I know it is 13 mins long ... sorry!)
  12. Ian Usher (@iusher) A whole day for a whole school doing an Inset on a VLE. Sounds dull, quite possibly is... (will present Live with no prep... hmm)

Two minute nano presentations

Add your name and what you may talk about below. YOUR TALK MUST BE ABOUT EXPERIENCES OF WORK IN CLASSROOMS. Don't bother if it is just about showcasing a product.
  1. Zoe Ross (@zoeross19) How I use wikis with my classes
  2. John Heffernan @johnmayo - The Wordpress Song (with homage to Baz Luhrman)
  3. Kevin McLaughlin (@kvnmcl ) - Using the greeen screen effect in iMovie09
  4. Damian Ward (@damoward ) - Blending online with F2F using a wiki for eCPD .
  5. Tom Barrett (@tombarrett) - Why bother blogging?
  6. Peter Richardson (@primarypete_) - "Wii love learning" Mario Kart Wii in a year 4 classroom.

Enthusiastic Lurkers

Add your name
  1. Kate Sim (Twitter @misetak )
  2. Paul Richardson (Twitter @paulbrichardson). My day job is in eLearning support and advice, so I'll just listen and learn.
  3. Rojon Ali ( Twitter @**lifesatest**). Working within E-learning environment.
  4. John Heffernan (@johnmayo) working for NCTE and not in classroom at the mo
  5. Isabelle Jones (Twitter @icpjones) Head of Languages at The Radclyffe School in Oldham, My Languages blog. Will think of something to present nearer the date...
  6. David Dixon (@dsdixon) E-Learning Leader at Wickersley School, Rotherham.
  7. José Picardo (@josepicardo) Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Nottingham High School. I blog and, occasionally, rant at Happy to watch and learn.
  8. Lisa Matthews (Twitter@lisa1matthews) Assistant Head at Robin Hood School Birmingham. This will be my first teachMeet
  9. Paul Smith (Twitter@psmith101) Teacher at Robin Hood - learning twitter and web 2 - also my first teachmeet.
  10. Karen Horne (@kazzaboobers) Assistant head at Montgomery Primary Birmingham - looking forward to lurking and learning.
  11. Stuart Ridout @stuartridout - Lurking for the moment and will move to presenter when I've decided what I'm going to present.
  12. Samantha Lunn @spanishsam - Head of MFL at Arnold School, Blackpool. Webmistress of Lurk, lurk, lurk, lurk.
  13. Stephen Downing - Lurking and watching with interest.
  14. Stephen Lockyer (@mrlockyer) - Lurking - may well offer to present, although given the online nature of the TeachMeet, will have to consider somewhere special to broadcast from!
  15. Ian Guest (@IaninSheffield) ICT Development Manager at Sheffield High School and newbie blogger at
  16. Matthew Gale (@mggale) Junior School Maths.
  17. Nick Packard (@packnick22) Education Consultant for GDST and new to teachmeet - looking forward to it.
  18. Ian Phillips reponsible for ICT at Habs boys in Elstree. Always interested in something that Dai is doing. Lurking with interest. Happy to talk on strategy but prefer to talk about helping children challenge the way they learn using ICT.
  19. Paddy McGrath (@Paddymcgrath) Maths Teacher in North west London. This will be my first Teach Meet.
  20. Bob Hill (@robthill) ICT staff Tutor in Dundee
  21. Emma Dawson (@squiggle7) Year 6 Primary Teacher
  22. Neil McDonald (@neilmcdonald7), Director of Specialism, Brayton College and E-Learning Co-ordinator
  23. Mary Cooch (@moodlefairy ) Would love to present but not sure can afford time - exam the following morning :(
  24. Krysia @krysiaS
  25. Matthew McDonald (@macca_mjm) Just wanting to sit on the side lines for this one but cant wait to get involved.
  26. Mark Stacey (@mrjstacey) VLE Evangelist at Cheltenham Ladies' College, aiming to host a Gloucestershire TeachMeet early 2010
  27. Damian Ward (@damoward ) Curriculum Manager at Doncaster South CLC, enthusiastic lurker at TeachMeets hoping to attend one day. Specialise in Creative Media use of technology - browse my blog at if you have the time and inclination.
  28. Peter Ellwe (@ellwe) Just found out about this event. Swedish teacher with ICT ambitions, 16-18 year old students.
  29. Jon Williams (@jonjwilliams)VLE manager and wanabe enthusiast.
  30. Nicola Stables (@mynictle) ....just lurking but might get around to doing a nano about my first Wii week.
  31. Drew Thomson (@mrthomson) Head of Astronomy + responsible for AS Physics at Hertfordshire secondary. Love edu tech and wish I could devote more time to think about, use and implement it!
  32. Gary Henderson (@GaryH2UK ) As it's my first time just lurking. AHT in a Secondary School. In a former life County Adviser for ICT and ICT Mark Assessor.
  33. Sarah Brownsword ( @missbrownsword ) Year 6 teacher in Suffolk.
  34. Ben Case ( @iteachyear4 ) Year 4 teacher in Littlehampton. NQT. Just found this thanks to primarypete.
  35. Roger Neilson (@didactylos) Director Marden City Learning Centre, North Tyneside
  36. James Langley (@lordlangley73) ICT consultant, Education Bradford
  37. James Greenwood ( @jamesgreenwood ) first time lurker - Teacher, Kirklees LEA.
  38. James Ashton ( @jamesashton20 ) nervous first time lurker! - Supply NQT in Leeds Area :)
  39. Les Haines ( AST ICT at the Hereford Academy (twitter leshaines123)
  40. Chris Leach (@chrisleach78) Primary ICT teacher in Sussex - Head of ICT At Winchester House from Jan
  41. Gideon Williams (@gideonwilliams) Director of e-learning at Perins School, first time lurker in between some ironing and dog walking
  42. Steve Gillott (@stevegillott) Head of ICT at Wootton Bassett School.
  43. Lois Lindemann (@MoreThanMaths) Teacher of maths, ICT in Sheffield.
  44. Edna Sackson IBO PYP teacher Melbourne Aus. @whatedsaid
  45. Julian S Wood (@ideas_factory) Primary Deputy Headteacher-Creative,collaborator-1st time lurker.
  46. Michael Ebeling (@michaelebeling) Head of School at Summit School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  47. Sue Lyon-Jones (@esolcourses) freelance ESOL/ICT consultant, run site. Enthusiastic lurker.
  48. Martin Waller (@MultiMartin) Primary School Teacher and Educational Researcher interested in multiliteracies, critical literacy and digital technologies. Teacher of @ClassroomTweets.
  49. Mats Larsnäs @larmats ICT-teacher in Kungsbacka, Sweden, just find this. Very intresting
  50. Paul Benson (@psbenson) Head of Department teacher of ICT and Business in the West Midlands. Assistant Headteacher from Jan-10.
  51. Angela Lee (@alee11) ICT Co-ordinator, ICT teacher Primary Hertfordshire.
  52. James Michie (@jamesmichie) Head of Media Studies, Leader for KS4 English, Blogger, Moodler, Tweeter...
  53. Chris Smy (@chris_1974) Curriculum Leader for Maths, timetabler & school number cruncher.

What do we need to make the event happen?

Who can help organise things before, on the day or during the event?


When you are mentioning TeachMeet ETRU 09 whilst using Twitter please just add #TMETRU09 somwhere in the tweet - that way it will be picked up by a Twitter search.
Check out what's being said on Twitter about TMETRU09 right now by clicking here!


We have set up a Diigo account, which is open for business using the username: tmetru09 and the password: teemhcaet . Please could all potential presenters add links to/related to their presentations here, or message me on twitter (@mrlockyer)/email (, with their blog page of links, and I will add them before/during/after Sunday!